How To Choose Best WordPress Hosting and Save Money in 2023

Admit it:

You are searching for high-quality WordPress hosting for your WP projects.

With an easy-to-use control hosting panel, has loads of features, and is affordable to buy.

But, you are confused about deciding which hosting plan or feature must be for you and which doesn’t.

Still, confused?

Don’t worry, I am here to help you to find and make to decide to buy Affordable WordPress optimized web host.

In this article, you will find,

  • WordPress hosting minimum requirements.
  • Types of WordPress hosting.
  • Things to consider while buying WordPress hosting packages for your business or projects.

What are the Minimum Requirements for Hosting a WordPress Site?

WordPress is a lightweight software and easy to run on any web server in the world. Which have a PHP and MySQL(replace MySQL with your favorite database name) installed.

The simple need is,

  1. PHP version 7.4 or greater.
  2. MySQL version 5.7 or greater OR MariaDB version 10.2 or greater.
  3. HTTPS support
  4. Apache: mod_rewrite module (for clean URIs a.k.a. Permalinks) (Required for Multisite)

But for PHP, always choose a host that provides you a version 7.4 or higher for your installation.

As we know, WordPress is the world’s leading software for creating websites for your projects.

You may find many scripts and tools installed on your hosting account to install and fine-tune your WP installation.

I preferred Nginx or LiteSpeed on Apache but anything works fine if your caching setup is great.

How many types of WordPress hosting Plan present and which is suitable for me?

Due to its mammoth share in the online world (43.3% of websites use WordPress). You can find lots of companies that provide different plans for hosting with them.

And, it’s confusing, especially for first-time users.

In the below lines, I explain four types of WordPress hosting with pros and cons.

I also guide you on which plan is suitable for your next projects.

Free Hosting:

Free Hosting Accounts

Confession time – sometimes I get a little distracted when I see something is free. It reminds me of shopping when I was a kid, my parents never let me have anything free if it wasn’t an event’s free goodie bag.

But in the online world, there is so much to see for free! However, with that said, it’s no secret that most types of “free” items are offered in exchange for either clicking on an ad or sharing the content with someone else.

There is a lot of free hosting provider in the market that provides free hosting for WordPress. But with the catch.


What is the catch?

Generally, you find these types of offers in Google organic listings or small groups, or in the forum.

These companies or people give you limited free space in exchange for a link or displaying their ads on your site.

And honestly, it makes sense! After all, nothing is absolutely free.

But sooner or later you will find,

  • Frequent downtime. (You never find a real reason for those downtimes)
  • Increasing load time means fewer visitors and a lower ranking in search engines’ eyes.
  • Redirect your traffic to free hosting provider ads partners. (Personal experience.)
  • Malicious code injection (Personally experience it.)
  • Loads of Ads on your site(and none of them are reliable, many ads are NSFW)
  • No Support at all.
  • No security at the host level.
  • Deletion of your website without giving you a proper warning or notice.
  • Website hacked. (Many times and no one can help you in that situation.)

I use free hosting in 2012 when I launched my first WordPress-powered website. For two months while checking my website in incognito mode, I found all my site traffic redirect to some Chinese site.

I know buying hosting in India for newbie bloggers is still expensive, but in the long run, it helps.

Advice: Avoid free hosting at any cost.

Suitable for: No one.

If you want to avoid the pitfalls of free blogging platforms, free email, or free Webhosting altogether, or if you wish to eliminate the possibility of spam on your blogging/email/web hosting accounts, I strongly urge you to invest in some great hostings and products.

Shared WordPress Hosting:

Shared WordPress hostings are affordable for new bloggers.

Shared hosting is the most popular type in the WordPress hosting universe. It’s popular for beginner bloggers and small business owners.

How shared WordPress hosting work?

When you use shared hosting for your next WP site, you and hundreds like you split and use the same server resources.

Why Shared WP hostings are favorites for Newbies?

  • Low Cost: Cost is the major hurdle for newbie bloggers and small business owners. Sharing hosting server space with a plethora of users helps to keep it small.
  • Easy to Setup: Many newbie bloggers and small business owners are not tech-savvy people. Shared hosting provides 1-Click install scripts for an easier installation process.

The best part of shared hosting is a low-cost plan. If you are starting a new WP venture or want to start your hobby blog, it helps you to save huge money.

You still have all feature which is present in the higher plans like 99.99% uptime, WP-CLI support, and DDoS protection with 24×7 protection.

Note: If you are in starting phase, choose a shared WP hosting provider. You can always migrate to a higher plan or another host when it’s not enough for you.

Suitable for: New bloggers, Small websites, and Small businesses.

Best Suggestion: MyW, A2 Hosting, GreenGeeks

WordPress VPS Hosting

VPS helps you to Boost your SEO and WordPress performance.

What if your website does not fit in a shared hosting environment?

What if your website hits the Reddit front page?

What if your article is shared by industry influencers and you are using shared hosting?

You definitely get an Email from your hosting company to upgrade your plan, or they will suspend it due to high traffic.

But, you don’t want to spend your fortune on dedicated servers. Because you know it’s temporary and everything back to normal in one or two days.

For these situations, Virtual Private Server hostings are better than shared hosting.

How does WordPress VPS hosting work?

You still shared hardware with other users, but you get little dedicated space for yourself.

This gives you almost as much control as a dedicated server and gives you a dedicated IP (great for SEO). You can install any OS here, with your preferred software.

VPS is generally described in two types:

  • Managed VPS: In this type, the hosting provider is responsible for everything like updating software, hardening security and etc.
  • Unmanaged VPS: In this type, you are responsible for everything from installing software to fine-tuning your server.

Managing a VPS is fun for me with Webinoly. Webinoly helps me to install battle-tested WordPress installation with one line of code. Everything is done via the command line.

If you are not able to set up your VPS by yourself, choose managed VPS hosting service.

Note: Unmanaged VPS for WordPress hostings are cheaper than Managed VPS for WP hosting.

Unmanaged VPS Suitable for: Technical Bloggers, High traffic websites, and blogs, Medium-sized businesses, and Developers.

Managed VPS Suitable for: Technical Bloggers, Non-technical Bloggers, High traffic websites and blogs, Medium-sized businesses, Developers, and Designers.

Unmanaged VPS Providers: MaxKVM, DigitalOcean.

Managed VPS Provider: A2 Hosting.

FYI: This blog is hosted on MaxKVM VPS Unmanaged plan, managed by Webinoly, and able to handle any temporary Reddit front page hits.

✍: You can launch Speed Optimized WordPress Installation with Webinoly for free.

Dedicated Servers for WordPress:

Dedicated servers helps you to scale up faster WP performance.

Don’t want to share resources with neighbors, then don’t. We have a solution for you, buy a dedicated server from your hosting company.

How WP Dedicated servers works?

You are purchasing a physical server via your hosting company, and you are the sole responsible for it.

This allows you full control over the server like the choice of hardware and software.

Like VPS hosting, dedicated servers have two types,

  • Unmanaged Dedicated Server: If you have the knowledge of servers and how to install and manage it, then buy them. Otherwise, go to the Managed dedicated server or find a system admin who’s responsible for your server operations.
  • Managed Dedicated Server: If you don’t have technical knowledge but still want a dedicated server for your business, go for it.

Note: Unmanaged Dedicated Servers and Managed Dedicated Servers are suitable for high-traffic sites.

Dedicated Server Provider: A2 Dedicated Servers

Managed WordPress Hosting:

Managed WordPress Hostings

The above types are general in the hosting industry. But due to massive demand and heavy usage of WordPress, hosting companies offer Managed WP Hosting solutions.

In this type of hosting, you are not responsible for anything. Everything is done by the hosting partner.

They optimized your website for performance and speed. Take backups and make your WordPress installation up to date.

They tell you to choose the right themes and plugins for your website.

In this type of hosting, you can’t install anything except WordPress, which is good.

Managed WP hosting provider provides you superior performance with top-notch support. Because their support staff has lots of WordPress experience. This helps you to avoid any problems with the feature.

Note: Managed WP hosting is costlier than Shared and VPS hosting.

Managed WordPress Hostings Suitable for: Established Blogger, High Traffic Sites.

Best Managed WP Hosting Providers: Rocket.Net, Kinsta, WPEngine.

Things to consider before buying WordPress hosting for your business or projects.

We want top-notch WP hosting for blogs or businesses, Right?

But how can we differentiate between companies, which are top-notch and which are not?

So, here are some criteria or checklists for things that are considered before buying your next hosting.

You can test your existing web hosting using the post and tell me your current hosting provider experience or score based on a checklist.

Note: WordPress has four major hosting types. You see some checks not applicable to your current hosting type.

Better Uptime Rate:

Better Uptime helps your website in serp.

24×7 availability is a crucial need for every business in the world and applies in the online world also.

Think, someone, refer potential customers to your website but unfortunately your site is down.

I know: ☹️

It’s not your fault but what happens in this scenario?

You will definitely lose one potential customer.

What if,

Is your website often offline without any reason?

You lost many potential customers and still, you pay for those offline hours or days. Right?

For avoiding these types of disasters,

Always check your potential web host’s uptime guarantees and promises.


Never settle below a 99.99% guarantee on any hosting plan.

Don’t believe in written words on the web host site, check the online uptime review for that web host.

The above lines are great for before buying decisions, what if you have a site already or want to check purchased hosting uptime by yourself?

There are many great services present for website uptime monitoring like,

Note: Never settle below 99.99%, even if you want to buy cheap shared hosting.

Better Software Support:

Latest WordPress software support.

When you choose any web host or shortlist a web host for your next WordPress project. Keep the below lines in mind.

Look for hosting partners for a WordPress site, that always updates server software.

As we know, WordPress supports PHP version 7.4, but the PHP team released versions 8.0, and 8.1 and it’s way faster than PHP 7.4.

Check this infographic by Kinsta,

WordPress Request Counts for Different PHP Version

Updating software to the latest version helps to avoid a hacking attempt on servers. This makes your WP site secure at the server level.

It also helps your WP website to load faster, How?

Every new update includes bug fixes and improved code over the earlier release. Which helps you in loading time and reducing TTFB at the server level.

Note: Latest software and hardware help your website to load faster and help to avoid the most common security problem.

Host Level Caching:

Caching at WordPress Host level makes your website blazzing fast.

WordPress has lots of Caching plugins and some are the best free WordPress plugins for speed optimization.

My personal favorites are WP Rocket, Swift Performance, and Cache Enabler.

But, these plugins can’t beat host-level caching solutions.


When someone connects to your site, the browser first connects to the hosting server. The server executes commands related to user needs and gives them what they want.

In Only Plugin Solution: The server connects to the WordPress database and then the caching plugin comes into action.

In Host Level Caching Solution: The server gives the required output to the user without requesting WordPress.

Note: Server-level caching helps you to focus on your WP site rather than tuning your WordPress site for huge traffic. Choose Rocket.Net or Kinsta.

Or, you can use Webinoly to optimize your WordPress installation and serve cached pages at the server level with any leading SSD VPS provider.

WordPress Specific Features:

WordPress host with WP specifc features more serious to WP hosting.

We are talking about a specialized WordPress hosting provider. How can we forget features which are specific to WordPress itself?

What are the WordPress-specific features?

  1. 1-Click easy installation or pre-installed WordPress setup.
  2. Automated updates to the latest WordPress version.
  3. WP-CLI and SSH Access for command-line access to your WP host site.
  4. Optimized HTTP & MySQL for faster performance.
  5. Server-level caching for blazing-fast speed.
  6. Daily WordPress site backups to make sure data safety.
  7. Real-Time Security Scanning for vulnerabilities in WordPress themes or WP Plugins.
  8. Free account migration from one host to another host.

SSL Support:

SSL helps you to provide safe browsing to your WP users.

I am an SEO guy and always check google for tips for helping my website rank better and faster in search engines.

If you search for Google to find a specific query. Sometimes you observed two sites that have the same knowledge.

But a site with HTTPS ranks above an HTTPS site.


Because Google recommends using SSL on your websites.

How does SSL help WP Sites?

First, it helps to rank better in search engines.

Second, If your host support PHP version 7.4 or above and you can install an SSL certificate, then your website loads faster than before due to HTTP/2 technology.

Note: HTTP/2 only support website with SSL certificates.

SSL also helps you to gain trust if you want to sell at your Commerce sites.

If you don’t have enough money, go for hosting with Letsencrypt enabled. Or, use free Cloudflare Flexible SSL.


You have a clear idea about your next big WP hosting search. Keep in mind, Nothing is free or Unlimited in hosting the world.

Choose and select your host wisely.

If you still have any doubts, ask me in the comments. If you like or think this post helps you share it with your friends.

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  1. Managed WordPress hosting is the best. since the provider takes care of everything, the site owner can worry about running the business rather than worrying about hosting.

    • That’s true but nowadays many hosting providers looting customers in the name of Managed WordPress Hostings.

  2. Add the site UptimeControl(.)net to the article, because only they have a 3-minute site availability check interval on the free plan.

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