How to Start Your Authority Blog in 2022: MyThemeShop Authority Theme Review

Choosing a responsive and SEO-friendly WordPress theme is a tricky decision but selecting a theme that maximizes your earnings is tough. Isn’t it?

Selecting a theme is the first step towards building an excellent WordPress website, But getting organic search engine traffic and making an income from your site without hurting user experience you need an excellent theme.

When I ask my friends who are new to WordPress, what they want from a theme?

They want a fast, responsive, SEO-friendly, affordable price, and money-generating theme.

Getting all the above qualities from one theme is not possible many times.

Many new bloggers ask, why do I buy premium WordPress themes?

I am using WordPress since 2013, and after checking many free themes, I found the majority of the theme is not fast or not SEO friendly.

So, I introduced you to the best premium WordPress theme for your blogging site. Authority Theme from MythemeShop. Also, check GeneratePress.

Note: I wrote this Authority Theme Review in 2016, and it’s outdated. I moved all my websites to GeneratePress Theme or BricksBuilder.

Authority Theme

This theme is the highly optimized theme for your WordPress blog and helps you to build your brand and authority in a short time.


Authority theme builds based on Matthew Woodward’s six-figure blog and with his full endorsement, this is a theme you can trust to help build your brand.

Authority Features

Check some of the greatest features of the MyThemeShop Authority Theme.

Responsive and Mobile Friendly

Making a responsive website from day one gets you an advantage in search engines and for WordPress, you get many plugins to do this work.

But why do you install a plugin to make your website mobile-friendly when this theme makes your blog ultra-responsive and renders it to any screen?

Check the image to get an idea of what this theme does for your site.

Authority Theme Responsive Test Across Devices

Why do you make your blog mobile friendly?

When you were doing SEO for your website, you check every update and rule from Google and apply it to your site to maximize SEO potential. Google said, making your site mobile-friendly gives you a boost in its ranking.


Nowadays, everyone loves a speedy website, and no one wants to wait for more than three-minute to watch your site still loading if Google considers speed to decide your ranking in search engines, take it sincerely.

Authority theme is a very lightweight theme and weighs 100kb only(frontend loading). It makes your site load faster.

Speed test of Authority Theme

Powerful integration

Whenever you check for a review of any product, you find star ratings in search engines. That is possible with markup. Schema markup gives you a unique look in the search engine, and it helps search engines to understand your website quickly.

Authority theme gives you a strong Foundation.

Many believe gets you a higher search engine ranking but according to backlinko research on one million domains, schema markup doesn’t correlate with higher rankings.

Powerful Option Panel

Coding to customize a theme is my biggest fear, that’s why I am always searching for a theme with minimal coding or no coding required at all.

Authority gives you a powerful optional panel where you set many small things that are possible via plugins or coding in other themes.

WordPress requires all theme settings done via the customizer, but I don’t know why MyThemeShop does not blend its optional panel to the customizer, this is a reason why I give only four stars to coding.

Top-notch Support Forum

MyThemeShop provides support via forum and you get an answer in 2 to 4 hours.

I want to change my published date to an updated date, and after posting this issue in their forum, I get an answer in 2 hours.

Check this video for MyThemeShop Authority Theme Setup Tutorial.


Why do you buy a premium WordPress theme if it’s not updated with time?

I buy the authority theme on 03/04/16, and at the time of writing (13/04/16), I get two updates from MyThemeShop. It shows their seriousness towards business; that’s why you trust them with your money.

Ads Placement

Ads are an essential part of any successful blogger but adding your ads to the perfect place in your blog requires lots of testing.

Matthew Woodward knows where to place ads to make a six-figure income from your blog, and MyThemeShop makes it easy for everyone. Go to the Ads Management tab in the theme options panel and place your ads in the best possible place.

Website Layouts

This theme comes with four website designs, and every design looks beautiful. Check and test every model to figure out which is suitable for your website.

Less Plugin

MyThemeShop gives you many functionalities inbuilt, so you don’t need the plugin for that work.

For e.g.,

  1. Sharing Button inbuilt into the theme
  2. Related Post
  3. Author Box
  4. Author comments highlight
  5. Breadcrumb
  6. Perfect Ads Placements

Check to Learn How To Speed Up WordPress Site Like A Pro for more details.


Always choose an excellent theme for the blog and stick to it for a long time, dough you can change the design of your blog often but like our houses make your foundation stronger.

I proudly use MyThemeShop themes and products on many of my websites and recommend them to anyone.

Note: I wrote this Authority Theme Review in 2016, and it’s outdated. I moved all my websites to GeneratePress Theme or BricksBuilder.

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