5 Best User-Friendly WordPress Caching Plugins of 2021

Top Best User-Friendly WordPress caching plugins for every site.
I Know, You are a WordPress website owner and want to increase your website speed to as fast as it can be.


When do you ask any WordPress developer or user about how to speed up WordPress site?

They recommend you to install an excellent caching plugin.

WordPress have almost 48000 plugins, finding a robust caching plugin still not a big deal.

However, Finding a newbie or user-friendly caching plugin for WordPress or best wordpress cache plugin for shared hosting is a difficult task.

When I search for WordPress caching plugin on Google, It generates 4,88,000 results.

How can I find a user-friendly and powerful caching plugin?

This post helps you to find a more potent but user-friendly caching plugin for your WordPress installation.

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Why We Try to Speed UP WordPress?

Why we try to SpeedUP WordPres Websites?
First of all, I hate the website when it’s not open in 3 to 4 second. I think you should too?

We are living in Google dominated the digital world, and Google considers site speed as a ranking factor in organic listening.


Please be serious about your website speed and start exploring new ways to improve the speed of your WordPress Installation.

Note: WordPress is a great platform and dominating the web world with 27% market share. Still, we have some room for improvement. [Its just my thought]

Check 8 Top Best Free Plugins to Make WordPress Faster and How To Choose Best WordPress Hosting and Save Money

Back on the topic,

Demo WordPress Setup and Cache Plugins Performance Test:

For this post, I am using OpenShift free hosting with PHP v5.4.40 and MYSQL v5.5.52, and HTTP/1.1 protocol. I am using the WordPress Twenty Sixteen theme with a 40MB memory limit.

Why Openshift?

I am using it from 2014 to 2016 to host two blogs, and the performance is similar to any shared hosting.

Sometimes worst if we compare it with SiteGround.

For testing, I am using Post generated by FakerPress with Unsplash It images. Please keep in mind I do not enable any minification setting.

I am using the same site and set up for each plugin test.

For performance checking, Pingdom Tools and GTmetrix use [Dallas Location]. To run a fair test, I spin each tool five times for each plugin and shows an average number of each matrix. Each URL recorded on excel sheet.

Download Caching Plugin Complete Speed Test Result for URL and test proof.

Note: Please keep in mind, I am trying to find the most user-friendly and best caching mechanism plugin here. If you have any suggestions or comments, tell me in the comments section.

Default WordPress Speed Without Caching Plugins enabled:

Default WordPress installation with demo posts with seven images on the home page with 1 MB page size.

Tool NameTimeGradePage Size
Pingdom726ms74%1.0 MB
GTmetrix0.7sec75%773 KB

Cache Enabler

Cache Enabler - Simple Caching Plugin by KeyCDN

KeyCDN makes Cache Enabler, a user-friendly and free caching plugin without tons of option. Cache Enabler creates static HTML page and store in your server disk space.

When a user visits your website, instead of making a call to the backend process server serves the static HTML from disk. This makes the server lightning-fast and improves your WordPress site performance.

This plugin comes with a small option set, but it’s compelling enough to recommend by Brian Jackson of woorkup.

Cache Enabler


  • Efficient and fast disk cache engine
  • Automated and manual clearing of the cache
  • Manually purge the cache of specific pages
  • Display of the actual cache size in your dashboard
  • Minification of HTML and inline JavaScript
  • WordPress multisite support
  • Custom Post Type support
  • Expiry Directive
  • Support of 304 Not Modified if the page has not modified since last cached
  • WebP Support (when combined with Optimus)
  • Supports responsive images via srcset since WP 4.4
  • Works perfectly with Autoptimize
  • HTTP/2 Focused

I love the idea of showing WebP support without using any hacks or JavaScript, but it’s a paid feature. Don’t worry I am not using that feature in testing.

How to setup Cache Enabler:

Setting up Cache Enabler with below video is super lightweight and comfortable. Also check WordPress Cache Enabler Plugin support article from KeyCDN, for better performance setup and troubleshooting.

Check this image for my caching setup.

Cache Enabler Setting

I disabled the cache minification setting, for a fair fight.

One of the best features of Cache enabler is to show actual cache size on your dashboard. It also shows clear cache button in WordPress Admin Toolbar.

Cache Enable Size in Dashboard

Cache Enabler Performance Test:

Tool NameTimeGradePage Size

In Pingdom test, Cache enabler perform 112% faster than default setup.

In GTmetrix test, Cache Enabler perform 112% faster than default setup.

Simple Cache

Simple Cache
Taylor Lovett creates Simple Cache after investigating and fed up with the cluttered interface and unnecessarily complex cachings plugins, which is hard to configure.

He decides to create the simplest but powerful caching solution.

I wrote my comparison blog post with no plans of creating my caching plugin, After doing the research, I had a few ideas on how to build a plugin that would have a positive impact on websites. – Taylor Lovett

Simple Cache is a free plugin.

Simple Cache


  • Extremely simple one-click install. There is an on-off switch. That is it. No need to wade through 50 complicated settings.
  • Simple Cache makes your site run very fast so you can handle lots of traffic.
  • Extremely easy to delete.
  • Easily clear the cache if you need to.
  • Enable gzip compression
  • Want to get advanced with object caching (Memcached or Redis)? An advanced mode is available that automatically set up Batcache and Memcached/Redis for you.

How to Setup Simple Cache:

Installing Simple Cache is very easy, install and enable the cache. This plugin have two modes,

  1. Simple: Its activate by default, nothing complex here.
  2. Advanced: you find Exception URL and In-Memory Object Caching setting here.

For this test I am using default mode, check my settings below.
Simple Cache Setting

Simple Cache adds Cache clearing button in Admin Toolbar.

Simple Cache Performance

Tool NameTimeGradePage Size

In Pingdom test, Simple Cache perform 128% faster than default configuration.

In GTmetrix test, Simple Cache perform 106% faster than default configuration.

WP Fastest Cache

WP Fastest Cache
WP Fastest Cache (wpfc) is popular cache plugin, with a simple interface. This plugin makes static HTML page, built in CSS and JS Minifier and compressor.

I am not using the minified or compressing option, for good testing results.

I am using free version which is available in WordPress plugin directory. In the free plugin, you get essential features, but it is sufficient for our testing need. You can check premium version here.

WP Fastest Cache


  • Mod_Rewrite which is the fastest method is used in this plugin
  • All cache files are deleted when a post or page is published
  • Admin can delete all cached files from the options page
  • Admin can delete minified CSS and js files from the options page
  • Block cache for specific page or post with Short Code
  • Cache Timeout – All cached files are deleted at the determined time
  • Cache Timeout for specific pages
  • Enable/Disable cache option for mobile devices
  • Enable/Disable cache option for logged-in users
  • SSL support
  • CDN support
  • Preload Cache – Create the cache of all the site automatically
  • Exclude pages and user-agents

How to setup WP Fastest Cache:

It is a simple configuration, click the WP Fastest Cache plugin option. Check my configuration below pic.

WP Fastest Cache Setting

I am not enabling any minifying or combining option but you should too. Otherwise, you do not get the desired speed which you want.

WP Fastest Cache Performance:

Tool NameTimeGradePage Size

In Pingdom test, WP Fastest Cache perform 9% slower than default configuration.

In GTmetrix test, WP Fastest Cache perform 103% faster than default configuration.

WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache is a most popular plugin in this list, maintain by Automattic Inc, WordPress parent company. It is active on 1 Million websites.

WP Super Cache is a user-friendly plugin, and I use it in easy mode. Only Caching ON (Recommended). WP Super Cache plugin created an HTML version of your WordPress installation and served it instead of directly contacting your backend.

I remembered, when I first start with WordPress, Google suggest WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache. I choose it because it’s easy to install and configure.

WP Super Cache


  • Support for multiple caching types (Mod_Rewrite, PHP and Legacy)
  • Serve static HTML files
  • Cache preload
  • CDN support

How to setup WP Super Cache:

WP Fastest Cache has many tabs in setting page, I am only using a simple mode. Check this video turial about How to Setup WordPress with WP Super Cache.

Check my setting image below.

WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache Performance:

Tool NameTimeGradePage Size

In Pingdom test, WP Super Cache perform 103.5% faster than default configuration.

In GTmetrix test, WP Super Cache perform equally with default configuration.



WPRocket is the best premium WordPress caching plugin which is creating a positive buzz around the WordPress community. WP Rocket used by some big names in the WordPress world.

It has a simple interface for setting, for this test I just activate the plugin, no configuration changes are done by me.

What I like about this plugin, after activating this plugin on my blog, I delete the Database optimizer plugin, minification plugin, and version remover code.

This means, in one plugin price I get four plugins.

I am using this plugin for almost 30 months, and it never disappoints me.

WP Rocket


  • Caches each of your page and post.
  • Uses dedicated crawlers to preload your cache by simulating visits.
  • Lazyload images, Iframes and videos to improve your page load times.
  • Automatically minifies and concat your HTML, JavaScript, and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) files.
  • Optimized for use with Google Fonts.
  • Fully compatible with CloudFlare for even faster loading times.
  • Supports WordPress Multisite.

How to Setup WPRocket:

I am not using any setting for this test and check the image proof below but you can play with your plugin setting. WPRocket Knowledge Base provides lots of tutorials and settings for speeding up your WordPress Blog.

WP Rocket Setting

WPRocket Performance:

Tool NameTimeGradePage Size

In Pingdom test, WPRocket perform 117.6% faster than default configuration.

In GTmetrix test, WPRocket Cache perform 117% faster than default configuration.

Best User-Freindly WordPress caching plugin: Conclusion and Winner

Best User-Freindly Caching Plugins Speed Comparison Results

If you see above results, you explicitly say WP Rocket is a best user-friendly cache plugin present in the WordPress ecosystem, but it’s a premium plugin.

If you are a newbie and don’t want to spend money on a premium solution, choose Cache Enabler or Simple Cache. Both are a reliable plugin, easy to use and configure.

If you don’t want to use above mention plugins, choose WP Super Cache.

I wonder, why WP Fastest Cache gives me bad results. If you want to buy a premium solution, buy WP Rocket. WP Rocket team surely know how to optimize plugin and speed of customer website.

Download Caching Plugin Complete Speed Test Result for URL and test proof.

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Please mention a plugin you are currently using to improve the speed of your WordPress blogs or website in a comment, also tell me what you think about my 5 best User-friendly WordPress Caching Plugins finding.

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  1. Hello mate! For me, tweaking page load speed is always a serious matter. I have dedicated much time in evaluating plugins that claim to optimize WordPress page load speed. I know that W3 Total Cache has a very good reputation in the industry. Recently I came across two page load optimization resources, Hummingbird and Breeze Cache Plugin that I would personally recommend WordPress Community to give a try.

  2. I have stackcache preinstalled in my managed WP. Can I install another cache plugin again?

    • Shaikh Masood Alam

      I never advise installing any WordPress plugin for speed things up if your host handles it at the server level. At BlogGaani, we are using Nginx web server and use Nginx Helper by rtMedia.
      But if you still facing performance and speed issue then contact your hosting provider.

  3. WP-Rocket is the best one!
    Compression, lazy loading and cache…the support is 1+!
    I use this for all my clients and all pages loaded under 1sec.

    • Shaikh Masood Alam

      I use it too for clients but server caching helps me to get better results compared to WPRocket

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