5 Mistakes Newbie Blogger Make with WordPress Optimization

So, You are a newbie blogger and worry about your WordPress blog speed.

Or you just want to start your first WordPress blog.

But don’t want to make mistakes, like a newbie does with WordPress optimization.

One thing which is common to some of the newbies, they want an affordable way to make things faster. They don’t want a big hole in their pocket, and this is also a principle followed by me.

Why are we obsessed with speed, think you visit any website, and its loads slower in your browser? What do you do?

I close that website and return to Google and look for another site in the same niche. This is happening with every internet surfer.

When I start blogging, I don’t know about the importance of website loading speed. It takes more than a year to learn. I know about WordPress since 2010, but I don’t have enough money. When I get money, then I don’t have the proper knowledge.

I made these mistakes in my early days of blogging and know the pain of when things go wrong. I follow many blog posts, and when something goes wrong, I go back to Google and try to find another tutorial or answer.

I don’t want you to make those mistakes or choose high-cost services. I provide you with a solution from my experience and also offer affordable alternative services.

Let’s begin with WordPress optimization mistakes and a solution by a newbie.

Choosing Free or Cheap Hosting

Free Hosting Accounts

This is the first mistake of many new bloggers, in choosing a free website hosting service provider. When I start blogging in 2010, I use byethost to host my WordPress blog. It’s running fine for one or two months, and one day I find nothing is free.

Think, How do they give you free service with all premium-type promises without charging any money?

They redirect my traffic to their ads or landing page. If they show my website, they display an advertisement on my site without my knowledge.

I know it’s fair because they want to cover expenses but always think about your visitor. Do they want to see their ads? When they want to look at your article.

Another mistake done by a newbie blogger is choosing cheap hosting. Cheap hosting makes many promises like unlimited hosting and unlimited disk space. Always avoid this type of service because nothing is infinite in shared web hosting in the world. When your website starts to gain fame and traffic, then you face lots of downtimes, and they want to buy their higher plan.

If you want to start with an affordable shared host, choose MyW, A2 Hosting, or GreenGeeks.

If you want affordable VPS, choose MaxKVM or DigitalOcean. And learn how to manage VPS with Webinoly, to create super optimized WordPress Websites in minutes.

Don’t want to manage WordPress by yourself? Check Kinsta or Rocket.Net.

✍: For more details, Check how to choose the best WordPress optimized hosting and save money.

Choosing a Free or Nulled Theme

Authority Theme Responsive Test Across Devices

As I said before, nothing is free. Many free themes available in the WordPress theme directory are poorly coded. Or you find many themes offered as a freemium model. For example, If you want this feature upgrade to the pro version.

But, a Poor code is not visible on my visit, and look wise it’s great. Why should I care about coding standards when things are available for free?

Because your visitor sees your website design and search engines look at your code.

Another mistake is choosing a nulled WordPress theme. Nulled Themes are a cracked version of premium themes, and it’s free. But, the nulled theme comes with viruses and the chances of the hacking server or bandwidth usage increases.

The problem with the premium theme is they are expensive according to the new blogger.

Solution: If you want to use the free theme but don’t want to compromise with quality, choose these themes.

  1. Hueman
  2. GeneratePress

If you want a premium, then choose GeneratePress Premium, StudioPress, BricksBuilder, or Divi from Elegant Themes.

GeneratePress provides the fastest WordPress theme, with a premium addon for 59$/year. StudioPress creates the Genesis framework, the best WordPress Theme framework. Where Elegant Themes gives you their entire themes and plugins for 89$/year.

For BLOGGYAANI, I use GeneratePress and recommend it to everyone. It costs you 59$/year with a 500 site usage license. If you want the best support and coding structure for your WP sites, then go for GeneratePress.

Note: GeneratePress is a free theme, you don’t need a premium addon to start your WordPress journey.

Installing Every Plugin

When you are new to WordPress then you check every tutorial on how to speed up your blog. Every tutorial or blog post recommends some plugins. Many times these plugins are different from the plugin mentioned in another tutorial.

In this case, we just install every plugin recommended by that tutorial. Without thinking about its necessity.

Sometimes one plugin handles two or three plugins works, but we don’t know about it.

For example, I install Autoptimize, WP-Optimize, and W3 Total Cache. After installing the WP Rocket plugin, I uninstalled the above plugins.

⚠️: Install and check every plugin but uninstall it if it does not please you. Check these Free WordPress Optimization Plugins.

✍: Learn How To Speed Up WordPress Site Like A Pro [COMPLETE GUIDE] for more details.

☑️: Check Plugin Load Filter: Conditionally Disable or Enable Plugins on Your WordPress Sites.

Not Optimizing Images for SEO and Storage

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Images tell thousands of words.

This is true, but images also ruin your visitor experiences. You can lose hundreds of dollars if you do not optimize it.

When we search for images for our blog, we download the image and upload them. Or captured an image from a mobile or camera and upload it. This method ruins your blog’s SEO and user experience.

: Solution: First resize your image and rename your image with something useful. Try to include your keywords in the image name.

After resizing and image name changing, try to compress the picture. Use ShortPixel. I use Ewww and optimize all images with extreme settings and their reduced image size to 7MB. But after installing ShortPixel, I reduce my blog image size from 7MB to 3.5MB.

Check the video here,

Choosing the Wrong Ads Provider

Make a blog and become rich. This is a dream of every blogger and you know there is no shortcut to achieving it.

Every new blogger applies for Adsense and Adsense rejects many bloggers. Securing Adsense ads for a blog is a dream of every new blogger but when it’s shattered, they applied for every ad provider which is shown in a google search.

Some of the ad providers pay little, and some show bad ads.

These ads hurt your reputation and slow down your WordPress website.

✅ : Solution: Wait for Adsense or start selling the affiliate product. Affiliate products give you lots of money with little traffic.


If you are new to WordPress blogs, you will probably make some serious mistakes, and it’s good. The human learns from his/her mistakes and remembers them forever. These WordPress optimization mistakes cause some serious problems like breaking your website or your website down for hours.

Don’t worry, we all made these mistakes because every professional is once an amateur. Everyone made a mistake but the quicker you found your problem and solution the faster you can build a successful blog.

So, What’re your mistakes? What is the WordPress optimization mistake you made that is mentioned in this post? Share your thoughts and comments below.

1 thought on “5 Mistakes Newbie Blogger Make with WordPress Optimization”

  1. Indeed a great list of common WordPress security mistakes.

    A couple of days back I faced a situation where there were some unwanted ads being displayed on my blog and that was something I did not install. When inspected I found that there were a lot of unwanted codes that were injected into the WordPress theme files and other main files.

    On further inspection I found out the following 3 things which were the reasons for this:

    1). Not updating the other WordPress installation, plugins, and themes that are being run from the same hosting account if you are using a shared hosting
    2). Optimizepress 1.0 is known to have a security issue and they have released an update to it. This doesn’t update in the normal updates from your WordPress dashboard. You might want to update it manually if you haven’t done it yet.

    3). Not Cleaning and optimizing your database periodically

    4). Leaving the default themes like Twenty Eleven etc. as it is and not updating them. This primarily happens if you are using a different theme and these default themes just remain there.

    5). Not uninstalling plugins that haven’t been updated for a long time by their creators.

    These are prone to attacks. A couple of solutions that I found were installing a plugin like Wordfence or, BulletProof Security or, Better WP security.


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