Plugin Load Filter: Conditionally Disable or Enable WordPress Plugins on Specific Pages or Posts

Plugin Load Filter - Conditionally Load or Unload WordPress Plugins

Plugins, It’s what makes WordPress so powerful. You need contact forms, and lots of plugins are available. Need an eCommerce store for your business? WP has an excellent collection of eCommerce plugins. Or Need an affiliate tracking/clock function on your website? Check the WP repository and you’ll find what you’re looking for. That’s great, But, … Read more

Make Your WordPress Fly with Cache Enabler, the Best Free WP Caching Plugin

Cache Enabler - Quickest Way to Speedup Your WordPress

A website’s speed is a key contributing factor in its success. It can be the difference between a site being a roaring success or a complete failure. A slow website will get you nowhere fast. A fast site can get your brand and your business noticed. If you want to get your website noticed and … Read more

WP Rocket: Speedup Any WordPress Sites in a few Clicks

Optimize any WordPress websites in few clicks with WP Rocket

WordPress is great – it’s powerful, free, and helps you set up a website quickly. But all this comes at a cost – the cost of slow performance. Many people want to run a fast WordPress site, but they don’t know how to do this. They love WordPress, but they hate its slowness. And if … Read more

Install Webinoly and Manage Super Optimized WordPress Websites in Minutes

Optimize Any Server for WordPress with Webinoly

Finding a reliable WordPress host you can afford is hard. The hosting market is flooded with cheap options that don’t work well. Problem? You get what you pay for! If you are looking to find powerful web hosting for your next project, choose a hosting company that provides dedicated resources for your project. That cost … Read more